Stay ahead of the game…Make your people truly international

Keeping your spot at the forefront of your industry is no easy feat. It requires an unfettered global presence that is dynamic and evolving. But global teams, require global solutions especially when it comes to effective working with an international workforce.

To help you achieve greater cohesiveness in the workplace and promote effective working relationships, we can provide fully tailored language training in any world language and in any worldwide location.

Benefits of language and cultural awareness training:


  1. According to Oxford Economics, it costs on average £30,616 per employee to replace a member of staff. Promoting staff training and development long-term is shown to increase staff morale, motivation and productivity and therefore retention.
  2. The lack of cultural awareness preparation has many levels of impact – from an embarrassing moment, to a breakdown in inter-company communication, to a lost deal or agreement. Cultural awareness training is essential for facilitating effective team working and communication. By attending one of our cultural training programmes, your staff can develop the skills necessary to work internationally.
  3. Language learning and cultural training develops interpersonal and communication skills in both social and professional situations.
  4. Each one of us has certain preconceptions to other cultures, and to some extent we are all guilty of being prejudice to our own culture. This can hinder international teams greatly and effect the way we do business with our global clients. Cultural and language training breaks down these barriers and promotes trust amongst multicultural and diverse teams.
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