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Professional Language Courses for corporate personnel, management & expats

Directors Languages provide premium quality fast-track language courses for busy management, corporate personnel and expats on a one to one or small group basis. These individually designed courses reflect your business needs and offer complete flexibility.

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A Practical Approach

Our courses employ the ELAM method involving a structured and systematic acquisition of language which you are immediately “trained” to use in a verbal, practical and functional way. This method aims to produce confident oral and aural fluency and essentially through constant usage, is designed to facilitate long term memory retention in adult learners.

Inter Cultural Training

“Working Effectively Across Cultures” – The focus of this briefing is to provide an insight into the differing cultural models found across Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Americas and to enable participants, through understanding and acceptance of other sets of norms and values, to work ever more effectively with colleagues or customers from different cultures.

This Cultural workshop blends practical theory, tips and techniques with case studies and “summary action” ideas to help you in your day to day work and understanding of the differences in cultures across your international business network.

Country Briefings

One and half day workshops – “Working effectively with”: Japan, UK, France, Germany, Spain, China, Italy, Russia, The Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Benelux, India, Singapore, Malaysia, USA and other countries upon request!


We provide courses in many major languages including but not limited to :

  • English (as a foreign language)
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Czech
  • Polish
  • Dutch
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Slovak
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Arabic
  • Chinese Mandarin & Cantonese

Company Profile

Directors Languages, founded in 1993, is a global top-end provider of foreign and English language training and intercultural solutions. Our “raison d’être” is to provide our clients worldwide with bespoke functional language capabilities and cultural understanding enabling them to compete effectively and with great advantage on a global basis. Our service offerings and expertise are uniquely aimed  at the corporate sector.

We also provide services for the global mobility sector; providing language training for assignees and their families. For children, we also offer ‘mother tongue’ courses, for preparation for repatriation.

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We deliver training solutions in the following categories:

  • Foreign language training for business
  • English (EFL) training for business
  • Language and Culture solutions for International Mobility Solutions
  • Country Specific Briefings
  • Cross – Cultural Awareness training
  • Blended solutions

To date, we have achieved substantial market penetration, attracted and retained an impressive talent pool, and established a quality reputation in the Global market. Our pan-European and global footprint gives us added flexibility with our global clients, including those in the electronics, pharmaceuticals, automotive, information technology and beverage industries.

Our clients worldwide count on us for:

  • In-depth, high impact learning solutions
  • Tangible end result
  • Service excellence and attention to detail
  • Global reach and delivery
  • Cost management & cost-effective solutions
  • Pioneering innovative approaches to learning

Our track record and experience to date has won us a large client base and for many we are a preferred supplier on a UK wide, European or Global basis.

Our Offices/Headquarters are strategically based in Maidenhead UK (nr London & Windsor) enabling easy access to the M4/M25 Motorway networks, London and Heathrow Airport. We also have arrangements globally with serviced offices in close proximity to our volume clients.

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