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Face to face training with one of our experienced native language trainers at either your office, home or preferred location. One to one courses can be taken in any location worldwide. Your course content is fully tailored to reflect your needs, situation, and activities – whether it may be expatriation, an international assignment, or perhaps the specific language of HR, Sales, Marketing, Procurement, Business Presentational, and Legal. For all courses, we offer complete flexibility of session formats and frequency. Courses can be arranged outside of normal business hours, including weekends to fit around your lifestyle. Partner and Spouse courses can be arranged one to one and be taken at your home or preferred location, course content is bespoke and will reflect your needs and activities. Children’s one to one training is also available in any location worldwide and we provide either mother tongue tuition or target foreign language tuition in the case of longer term expatriation.

Group On-Site

Small group language training taken on-site at your offices, with one of our experienced native language trainers. Course content is fully tailored to reflect your employees’ starting levels, target competencies, and their business and social activities such as: Sales, Marketing, HR, Procurement, Technical, and Legal. We provide complete flexibility in choosing day and time slots; training is typically taken by way of single or multiple weekly sessions of 2-3 hours. However, intensive training can also be arranged. For example, week long, full day courses. Recommended group size is usually less than 10 per small group. However, contact us if you would like to arrange for multiple group courses and specialist large group training.

Virtual Training

Internet based live training via platforms such as Skype or Google hangouts. One to one sessions with a member of our native training team taken remotely. This is the perfect option if you are frequently travelling for business and would like regular language training. Similarly, if you would like to start language training before you relocate, you can start your course in your home country remotely with the same trainer that will take your face to face sessions in your destination country.



A self-study software package available for beginner to upper intermediate in 150+ languages. You will be provided with a key code to access the suite either on a desktop computer or a tablet. Specific business modules are also available for personal study. There are 5 programmes within the set, which will take you from beginner to intermediate.

Fast Track

Half-day, full-day or week long immersion courses taken with one of our experienced native trainers. Fast-track courses can be taken at your location either one to one or in a small group setting. We also provide “English in England” courses if you would like intensive residential English training. English in England courses take place on site at our training studios in Maidenhead.

Blended Learning

Take your course through a ‘blend’ of face-to-face training, e-learning and virtual training in a format to suit you, so that you can acquire a new language to fit around your working schedule. As with all of our courses, your course content is fully tailored to reflect your needs, situations and activities, whether it may be expatriation, an international assignment and as required the specific language of various business functions.

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