How your language course is setup

Upon your internal identification of individuals or group’s needs we will, first assess delegates current language competency (unless they are complete beginners) by way of the on-line assessment (global tool) which tests delegates’ recognition of language structure. For English as a Foreign Language courses this assessment is further qualified by oral assimilation and comprehension assessment.

We then conduct a personal or group profile analysis either face to face, by telephone or electronically (PPNA personal profile needs analysis template is forwarded to the delegate) in order to establish precise learning needs / styles and course targets.

The purpose of this profile analysis is also to find out about the delegates working activities in order to ensure that actual course content is made relevant and tailored to reflect their functions in the work place or expatriation needs. At this stage Delegate(s) may want to select OCR or relevant form of examination.

Upon findings we recommend and agree with the Delegate(s) optimal course format and frequency of sessions, mode of training, time-scale by which the training should be completed etc. in order to achieve end result as efficiently and quickly as possible.

We allocate a trainer / training team & setup personalised training in line with desired course dimensions.

Throughout your programme(s) our client services track and monitor quality of the training delivery, delegates’ progress and provide each delegate or grouping with resourceful and responsive personal advocacy.

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