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Directors Languages provide bespoke language training to corporate personnel and their families worldwide

Our Language courses

We provide courses in all world languages, and deliver worldwide. Our language courses are aimed at corporate personnel, international assignees, expats, partners and children.

All of our language courses are bespoke and tailored to the learner’s starting level and target competency. Our courses employ the scientific ELAM (Empirical Language Acquisition Model) approach to language learning.


Empirical Language Acquisition Model

We employ our own unique training system based upon scientific research, which has become known as “ELAM”. This approach to language learning embraces the most successful elements from some of the leading methods of language acquisition to which we add a quantitative process and a mechanism to ensure short and long term retention and application.

Recognising that adult learners need science when learning a new language (as opposed to the “subliminal absorbing” capability inherent in young children), we first instruct on the language structure or “Know-How” namely drawing from classical yet essential methodology. Remaining flexible in that, individuals have different learning speeds and patterns we use the direct approach, specifically conducting training in the target language in a controlled way through careful use of a controlled code/structure of language. Therefore meaning the delegates will both understand the structure more easily, gain familiarisation, multiple contact and a sense of “belonging” to the new sounds.

In order to quantify and measure the language to be acquired we use the functional method, meaning that new language functions and grammatical notions are given on a relevant, systematic and mission based basis with continual reviews to ensure short and long term memory retention.

A Typical Lesson Summary

  • The know how stage: an input of language / structure / vocabulary / grammatical know how with note taking.
  • Know how activation stage: real life context via scenario / mission based and bespoke materials containing the given know how, giving primary aural immersion and contextual assimilation.
  • Oral assimilation, secondary immersion, verbal / conversational realisation
  • Visual assimilation, secondary immersion, development of scanning and reading skills
  • Familiarisation stage: confidence building, conversational reflex development and experiential acquisition via mission based Structured Practice Exercises, meetings, phone calls, presentations etc.
  • Session end review of immediate and relevant application targeting short term retention & long term retention by review at following session.
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