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Slovak Language training for corporate personnel, management, expats and their families.
Slovak speakers worldwide : 5.2 million

FAQ about Slovak Courses

  • We work with clients across the globe and can boast a truly international presence to meet your worldwide requirements. We have an unrivalled team of more than 2,500 language trainers worldwide, delivering training in 150+ countries.
  • You can take your Slovak course in any global location; city or remote village we can provide training at your office, home or preferred location.

We offer full flexibility of course options and scheduling. You can take your training how and when it suits you.  All training is arranged to fit in with your business schedules, and can also be arranged outside of the normal working day.

  • One to One – Face-to- face training with one of our experienced native trainers at either your office or home.
  • Group On-site – Small group training taken on-site at your offices, with one of our language trainers.
  • Virtual Training – Internet-based remote live training via platforms such as Skype and Google Hangouts with one of our specialised trainers.
  • E-learning – A self-study software package available from beginner to upper intermediate levels.
  • Fast track – Half-day, Full-day or week long immersion courses taken at your home or offices. The fast track option can also be supported by e-learning and virtual classroom training,
  • Blended Learning – Take your course through a ‘blend’ of face-to-face training , e-learning and virtual training in a format to suit you
  • The content of our language training is always tailored to the precise needs of each learner. This means we do not follow a “one-size-fits-all” approach, but rather deliver bespoke content based on the requirements of each delegate. We evaluate these requirements through a thorough pre-course needs analysis.
  • The content will focus on your professional and everyday activities, job function, lifestyle and skill expertise. For spouses and families, the emphasis is on instantly applicable language skills to enable immediate practical day-to-day communication and an effective social interface.
  • Our courses employ the ELAM (Empirical Language Acquisition Model) involving a systematic acquisition of language, in which you are immediately “trained” to use in a verbal, practical and functional way. This method aims to produce confident oral and aural fluency, and essentially through constant usage, is designed to facilitate long term memory retention in adult learners.

One of our experienced native business language trainers from our global network of over 2,500 trainers will be assigned to your course after we have conducted your needs analysis.  All of our professional trainers have a minimum of 3 years’ teaching experience with the required qualifications and background checks and are provided training in Directors languages’ unique ELAM language acquisition model.

We assess your Slovak level using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) as seen below:

Speak Slovak with Directors Languages

To request a proposal for a Slovak course or for information on our fees, then please call us on +44 (0)1628 778 476 to discuss your language requirements. Or submit an enquiry on our website.

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